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The election is almost here. How scary. Who am I going to vote for? Or rather, who do I desperately want to keep out of office? I have shamefully consulted news.com.au and made myself a spreadsheet to consider.

I’ll start with environment. Of course, the major issue is climate change. Is it real? Yes. We’ve all seen ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and we’ve all seen the polar bears on small pieces of ice. It’s not practical to believe that just because I’ve ignored it, it’s not there. So something has to be done. Julia has planned a cap on pollution, and good on her. But what’s even better, if Australian’s (note, the country speaks) don’t agree with it, it get’s scrapped. Abbott has taken the standpoint that it’s complete crap. The Greens vote for action. Now. Thank christ.

The other issue that troubles me is Asylum Seekers. I don’t understand why it’s easy for people to be so heartless. Population cap has it’s perks and I can see why, economically, it must be done. If natural resources are dwindling, if money is dwindling.. sure. But are these people not fleeing persecution? Is it not a basic human right to aid those in danger? While Abbott is all for bringing back Howard’s horrible, horrible TPV’s and Pacific Solution, the Greens say that they can be allowed in and that they are no threat to security. As far as I can see, Gillard considers mandatory detention essential. I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to let asylum seekers and refugees into the country, and process them in the country.

My other favourite is Work Choices. I really loved being under the WorkChoices scheme, where penalty rates were a no-no, and unfair dismissal wasn’t a bad thing. Tony Abbott has the wrong idea about spreading his love for work Choices. The phrase ‘whatever the name, never again’ continues to pop up on our television screens and i really, really hope this has an impact.

Education. How do we make education appealing to kids? DO we remove computers in schools? Do we want to hand all of the budget money to principals, to spend it how they wish? Or do we want teachers to have an incentive to do well bu rewarding them, but at the same time, comparing schools to each other to make lower performing schools do worse? I’m torn on this one.

Finally, hands up who wants faster internet? The one condition, is that the faster internet with be censored. Hand up who wants slow internet? But since the guy cutting it is more than likely lying, who wants slow internet with censorship?

If a donkey vote would solve problems, I’d be all for it. But unfortunately in doing so there’s a higher chance of me allowing Tony Abbott to be the next prime minister. Not only would I lose the vote but I wouldn’t be surprised if migrants would all be sent home to their home countries. Climate change would be left to its own devices and devour Mauritius and educations downward spiral has no hope of re-cooperating.

In one of the most important elections of all time, I urge everyone to consider Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. The bumbling misogynistic fool talking to world leaders in his budgie-smugglers. The world thinks we’re stupid enough, let’s not re-iterate that.


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